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Subject: Colons im image filename
Author: BurninLeo
Date: 12/26/2013 20:33

I have been using HTTrack for a long while to create an offline copy of a
DokuWiki. That worked great, but after reinstalling HTTrack and re-creating
the project, I encountered a problem, I cannot solve...

The (predefined) structure I am using is: HTML pages to /html and images to
/images. Some links are filtered, nothing special...

The URLs of HTML files are, e.g.,
and correctly stored to

The URLs of image files are, e.g.,
and here's the problem, the resulting file is

The problem is twofold:
1. The part de_create_ is missing (it's an important prefix)
2. A _; (_%3b) is added to the extension, so the files have a "wrong"

Actually, I have no idea why HTML files and images are handled so differently.
So, I would apprechiate any help very much!


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Colons im image filename

12/26/2013 20:33


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