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Subject: 3D website
Author: Edvin
Date: 12/29/2013 17:06
I'm trying to download <> for quite a while,
tried many ways and many things. This site in its basic function is free. When
i load whole body and turn internet off, it still works, so i believe it CAN
be downloaded somehow.
I really use it a lot, but i don't always have internet connection on my
laptop... Only way is to keep it loaded in chrome or any other browser and
dont shut the PC off (at most just put it to sleep mode).
Any idea what to do?When I input in HTTrack
it gets errors. If i force it to download just first page, it gets it
perfectly, with all images and subpages, but no 3D as it didn't get logged in.

I even tried to copy :
# Cookies for domains related to
# This content may be pasted into a cookies.txt file and used by wget
# Example:  wget -x --load-cookies cookies.txt
#	FALSE	/ws/	TRUE	1417285184.919537	uid
"MTIzNTU1Nw==|1385662786|dce90191147560e95874c59cc50713b0d98530b0"	FALSE	/	TRUE	1417285183	email_remember_me	FALSE	/	TRUE	1417285184	splashed	splashed	FALSE	/	TRUE	0	FREE_TRIAL_ACTIVE	14

into cookies.txt and put into httrack/project location and doesnt work, no
more ideas, help please.

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12/29/2013 17:06
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