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Subject: hts-log repeat the httrack command
Author: min.zhang
Date: 01/02/2014 10:29
 Thanks for you good work,httrack is realy a good tool to download a websit.
 I use httrack to download a websit, this websit will update every hour, so I
use command line to update the mirror every hour. Everything is good ,except
the log file. I found hts-log.txt is larger. It seems that when i do update,
the loger will write down my httrack command ,and repeat httrack command .
like below: launched on Thu, 02 Jan 2014 17:10:01 at
<http://main> <http://main> <http://main> <http://main> <http://main>
(/usr/local/bin/httrack <http://main> -O /var/www/html/test/staticize/httrack/
-f -c20 -A100000000 -E1800 <http://main> -O /var/www/html/test/staticize/httrack
-f -iC2 -A100000000 -E1800 <http://main> -O /var/www/html/test/staticize/httrack
-f -iC2 -A100000000 -E1800 <http://main> -O /var/www/html/test/staticize/httrack
-f -iC2 -A100000000 -E1800 <http://main> -O /var/www/html/test/staticize/httrack
-f -iC2 -A100000000 -E1800 )

my crontab file is :
*/10 * * * * /usr/local/bin/httrack <http://main> -O
/var/www/html/test/staticize/httrack -f  -iC2 -A100000000 -E1800 

maybe i write wrong command , please give me advice about how to avoid
repeating command in the hts-log.txt

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