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Subject: All downloades files are empty (0 Kb)
Author: Cesar
Date: 01/03/2014 19:53
Tried to find a solution at this forum, but with no help.
I'm building a website in PHP (Magento) and in order to easily back it up I
left directory listing enabled.

The problem used to be that all files where being downloaded as an index.html
file instead of the php files themselves.

I forced httrack to treat all files as binary files and now I can make it
download each file but it gives me this ["Internal Server Error" (500) after 2
retries at link...] message and leaves an empty (0 Kb) .php file in the

Any ideas?


httrack <> -O "c:\StoreBkp\app"
"*.php" -D -v -u0 -s0 -F "Mozilla 1.0,
Sparc, Solaris 23.54.34" --assume *=application/octet-stream

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All downloades files are empty (0 Kb)

01/03/2014 19:53


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