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Subject: feature request: filter change while scanning
Author: Detlef
Date: 01/04/2014 17:48
Hi, HTTrack is a real great program. I use the windows version.
Filters are easy to use, but it is much work to analyse the page to find out
what to filter. 
Strong filter: you donĀ“t get all you like and have to restart. 
Weak filter: you get all, but too much additional. Take a long time, so you
cancel, change filter and start again.. and so on.

My idea: instead or additional to SKIP one button FILTER;
then small editor with copied URL. After editing the text to match filter
syntax copie to the INI file and activate for following scan. So the parser
will not follow bad links anymaore.
An update with changed filter will clear the project.

Additional hint: please extend input / output fields for URL / filters or
better change the size according to the window.   

I hope this is an interesting idea and not too much work.

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feature request: filter change while scanning

01/04/2014 17:48


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