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Subject: urgent forum will down
Author: doctorcrack
Date: 01/12/2014 00:22
this link <> my user name  drlazermansura
password 000000 i have many questions for help me please
1-above forum have many topics some have over 150 threads
 and replay for one topic how get all topic with its threads i try many times
but cant get whole threads and posts for example get 65 replay  for  one post
from 102
2-after i get catch URL also no user name   in offline downloaded threads
why?3-how make download speed maximum
4-how make project and hhtrack start automatic with windows xp start up like u
5-how get photos and texts only
note  i have  last httrack version and xp

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urgent forum will down

01/12/2014 00:22


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