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Subject: Some images not being copied
Author: Kurt Skytte
Date: 02/06/2014 09:01
I have been using HTTrack on Windows XP and 7 for about 5 years with no
problems. I develop websites using a CMS development environment. Now for some
reason some images (mainly background images) are not being saved. I am using
the most current version of HTTrack and have tried several previous versions
and I am getting the same behavior. I also tried re-archiving sites that were
previously archived correctly and again the background images are not being
saved. So I suspect that the tools that I used have modified something about
the server file structure to prevent HTTrack from accessing these image files.
I saw that a robots.txt file can sometimes block access to files so I removed
it but it didn't help. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this and if
there is anything I can change in the options to eliminate this problem? I
would like to continue to use HTTRack.

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Some images not being copied

02/06/2014 09:01
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