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Subject: Any way to bypass existing files
Author: moh
Date: 02/11/2014 23:05
Hi every one, 2 weeks ago I downloaded a huge parts of a site, but the
application I used was buggy and works unperfectly, so I came here to ask if
TheBoss "HTTrack" can bypass my pre-downloaded files, and not to overwrite
them :/, and if I deleted the first lines from the .txt file that my HTTrack
project import the links from, if I did that for a corrupted project, will it
crash or something, coz when i resume it, it takes about an hour to start
downloading other files :(, any way to solve this enigma
Advanced Thanx :)

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Any way to bypass existing files

02/11/2014 23:05
Re: Any way to bypass existing files

02/12/2014 02:20


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