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Subject: Re: The copy website - links are "live"
Author: Trevor
Date: 02/23/2014 05:58

Thanks for the response.

No sooner I finally give up and asked, and I was fortuitous enough to find a
"last response" link which lead down the hole of discovery.  But it was bad

I'd been using the OS search to try and piece it together. I'd searched for
viewtopics links and the number seemed limited but I figured maybe httrack 
had combined multiple pages of the same thread into a single topic.

But it's been a long while since working with html and how it  points to a
link on the local drive, so I had been searching for the wrong thing.

Summing up - It seems the  Live links are just links it considered too deep
(even though many are near the top)  and so no local files are  connected to
"that" particular index page.  There was another index-2 which worked how one
would expect, but forum pages have a limited number of local drives links in

Basically the problem is this.  It's a website copier that I decided might be
able to back up a simple phpbb forum though it was quite large.  Rather than
the program work from one level to the next down from forum to subforum to
topics and then subsequent pages like one would expect, it seems it was
incapable to cope with the phpbb structure  and instead went in and out
(wherever it wanted to go)  and counted them as levels.  

The hts  log was relatively clean mostly  complaining about one external site
that had refused permissions while all others (images people use for avatars
etc) seemed happy enough to share.

I was unlucky to pick one of the few links that lead down the hole to an
apparent "successful" backup and at 130 Megs, I figured that was about right. 

I suppose it's something I never considered, that being s web site copier, it
wouldn't understand forum structure.  ie to  know to give a "viewforum"
preference over a member's "last response" link and chase down the forum in
that manner, rather than the manner it has done.  

Thanks though for the time anyone spent thinking about this problem.  As it
stands, I'm putting this into great for a simple website, not for backing up
forums, the misuse was on me.  


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