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Subject: Not data being transferred...
Author: Michael
Date: 02/28/2014 17:07
I am trying to download a website that requires a login...When I try to capture
the URL, nothing seems to happen...I assume that I can capture the login
window to allow WinHTTrack to download the site behind the login...

I am wondering if I am not setting the browser settings properly...Here's how
I am changing the browser proxy settings:

I am using Google Chrome and I am going into settings>Network>Change proxy

The Windows Internet Properties window opens.  I select LAN settings button. 
I deselect the "Automatically detect settings" box, check the proxy server
box, and paste in the proxy server address and port from the Catch URL!

When I do this, and hit the OK button, the settings are not saved...What am I
doing wrong?

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Not data being transferred...

02/28/2014 17:07


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