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Subject: CakePHP plugin issue
Author: mark simon
Date: 03/05/2014 11:44
Have migrated my project to another server with fresh installation of LAMP

I have a plugin in CakePHP. This plugin has some images and javascript in
directories webroot/js and webroot/img. The webroot directory is in the

On the site, the images are loaded like this:

<img src="/plugin=name/img/logos/logo_w.png"> <script type="text/javascript"

The strange thing is that the javascript is loaded without problems but for
the images, only the right HTTP headers are sent (like Content type, Content
lenght, all of them are correct), 200 response code, but the response body
(the image data) is missing.

Where could be the problem?
The img directory is owner by www-data as well as the js one. Another weird
thing is that images, that are directly in the webroot in the app root
directory are displayed normally.

What can this be caused by?
Mark Simon

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CakePHP plugin issue

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