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Subject: Re: HTTPS form-based authentication
Author: mark simon
Date: 03/05/2014 11:57
Check the logs:
Check the hts-log.txt and hts-err.txt error log files generated in your
project's directory by HTTrack — this may give you important information

Create a small test first:
Plan ahead of time. If you know you are going to use authentication, create a
small HTTrack project just to test that HTTrack is able to successfully

There are a couple of ways to easily do that, and basically you want to
exclude all the website's pages/files and just allow the "login" page and the
"logged in" page.

For example:
Set the start URL: <>
Filters: -* +*/clients/welcome.php*

Exclude logout pages:
Remember to exclude any "logout" pages on the site you are mirroring! It would
be no good if you've made HTTrack authenticate but then it finds the log-out
page and ruins your project.

Beware cookies.txt:
If you reuse an existing project (e.g. update an existing project, or re-run a
project when you are trying to get authentication to work) you may experience
problems related to cookies.

If you are having trouble making HTTrack authenticate, check for a cookies.txt
file in your project's folder and delete it before running the project again.

Learn about other authentication:
The site may have a different authentication scheme. Check through our Help

Mark Simon
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