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Subject: can' get .txt files because there is no link
Author: Tom
Date: 03/06/2014 19:57

I have the following architecture in my intranet site:
and in each AAA-BBB...FFF folder there are .tar .xml .txt files.
Folders A, B, AA, DD... are empty, there are no html files in any folder, so
no link!!

I want to download all txt files (in one single folder).
I have tried the following (and much more!):
but also something like:

and scan filters like -*

But it doesn't download the .txt files. It only downloads them when I set the
full URL in the WEB URL and filters:
-* +*.txt
I imagine it is because there is no link at all and just random files in all
these folders.
Is there a way to get these text files? Maybe another software?

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can' get .txt files because there is no link

03/06/2014 19:57


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