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Subject: HTTrack Won't Connect
Author: ConnectionLess
Date: 03/25/2014 02:41
The problem is pretty much as the subject line says - I can't get DNS addresses
to resolve for any sites, and if I use an IP address in the URL the files
never start to download.

I'm on Linux and compiled the latest release from source without SSL support
(not required for the task at hand). I had to make a symlink for library file
in /usr/lib, but after that things seemed to work fine. However when I try to
start a download, the program never resolves the DNS address/starts the

I don't have a Firewall running and other internet programs (wget, ping,
firefox, dillo (compiled myself) etc.) work without issue and without proxy
settings. Frankly I'm stumped by the problem and will probably have to run
this on a Windows machine to do the current job as time is an issue.

Following is my attempt to download this website with debug logging enabled, I
also tried the straight IP address in the URL and it just sat there in the
same fashion after saying the robots.txt download had commenced (after two
minutes I get the timeout warning). I can download
easilly with wget:

dsl@box: httrack <> -v -Z
HTTrack3.47-27-nossl launched on Tue, 25 Mar 2014 10:44:04 at
(httrack <> -v -Z )

Information, Warnings and Errors reported for this mirror:
note:   the hts-log.txt file, and hts-cache folder, may contain sensitive
        such as username/password authentication for websites mirrored in this
        do not share these files/folders if you want these information to
remain private

Mirror launched on Tue, 25 Mar 2014 10:44:04 by HTTrack Website
Copier/3.47-27-nossl [XR&CO'2013]
mirroring <> with the wizard help..
10:44:04        Debug:  engine: init
10:44:04        Debug:  Cache: enabled=1, base=hts-cache/, ro=0
10:44:04        Debug:  Cache: size -1
10:44:04        Debug:  Cache: no cache found in hts-cache/
10:44:04        Info:   engine: start
10:44:04        Debug:  Wait get: primary/primary
10:44:04        Info:   Warning: could not detect encoding for:
10:44:04        Info:   engine: check-html: primary/primary
10:44:04        Debug:  engine: preprocess-html: primary/primary
10:44:04        Debug:  scanning file primary/primary (index.html)..
10:44:04        Debug:  link detected in html (tag): <>
10:44:04        Debug:  engine: save-name: 'iso-8859-1' charset conversion
from <> to <>
10:44:04        Debug:  position link check <>
10:44:04        Debug:  build relative link <> with
10:44:04        Debug:  built relative link <> with
primary/primary ->
10:44:04        Debug:  wizard link test at
10:44:04        Debug:  wizard test begins:
10:44:04        Debug:  Compare addresses:!=primary
10:44:04        Debug:  result for wizard link test: 0
10:44:04        Debug:  engine: save-name: local name: ->
10:44:04        Debug:  Record: ->
10:44:04        Debug:  relative link at build with and index.html:
10:44:04        Debug:  robots.txt added at
10:44:04        Debug:  OK, NOTE: ->
10:44:04        Debug:  Wait get:
10:44:04        Debug:  resolving in background:
10:46:04        Debug:  connection timed out for
10:46:04        Debug:  connection timed out for
10:46:04.httrackError: b"DNS Time Out" (-2) after 2 retries at link (from primary/primary)
10:46:04        Debug:  Wait get:
10:46:04.httrackWarning: bytes) Retry after error -2 (DNS Time Out) at link (from primary/primary)
10:46:04        Debug:  Wait get:


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