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Subject: Questions about renamed files
Author: Nathan Wiese
Date: 04/24/2014 15:31
Well very first a great program you have made here!
used it for over a year now ... usually works smooth as nothing else ... but
well here is the problem i've
looks like it's some sort of autocreated webpage
it's allways the same file ... linked from difference places

as clickable text it's
as clickable icon it's
site_name/file_name?version[randomly created number]
site_name/file_name?version[another randomly created number]
site_name/file_name?name?version[and so on]

my prob
i can easily do -webpage/*?Version*
but this leads to some discomfort in surfing offline
(need to replace online url with offline url per hand)

i know u program comes with a renaming service in the structur section (not
even sure if it helps me) - but somehow i'm to stupid to understand it
(maybe just to few examples, maybe my english failed me...)
id:-::: *shrug*
%h%p/%n%[?Version:-:-::].%t help me ?i allways use the hmtl in
site_name, images and rest in site_name/images
so i wanna keep it this way
and i don't wanna append a string but simply ignore it
and maybe don't copy the file over an exsiting one :)


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