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Subject: Blog service with all subdomains, nodes, comments
Author: angel
Date: 04/28/2014 01:45
I'm trying to backup a blog service that may soon be shut down. 

It has one main page
For example: (this is NOT the actuall url, but just an example)

it has many subdomains 

Each post represents a node with a number

It also has and option to list previous posts like:

I tried to copy everything, however some subdomains are copied, some are not
and some are copied just partially (some posts but not all). I played with the
settings a little bit, but it didn't help. 

How to copy everything (and I mean LITTERALLY everything) so it can be browsed

I just don't need media like images/audio/video etc. Html's are most

I also don't need to save anything outside of this domain (no external sites)

I tried to copy just one blog and it worked well. The problem is how to copy
all the blogs on this service automatically without saving them individually.

Thank you.

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Blog service with all subdomains, nodes, comments

04/28/2014 01:45


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