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Subject: 'Dynamic' Pictures Not Downloading
Author: Amarantamin
Date: 05/31/2014 06:31
Hey everyone,
I've read through a bunch of threads about pictures not downloading, and tried
several solutions, including ensuring "near" files would be downloaded,
disabling robots.txt, and using very broad wildcards such as +*images* in an
attempt to capture the whole /image/ folder.

The website in question is: <>

Background images are loading perfectly. In particular, what is coming through
as broken images is the square of nine weapon pictures in the upper-right, and
the 14 empty squares beside that along the top. In the copied website, the
links function perfectly, they just all show as a 'broken' image, which
significantly hurts the functionality of the builder.

If it helps, the empty boxes are coded like this:
<img src="images/empty.png" class="a_bar_img_a ui-droppable" type="active"

And while I did nab a couple of 'images' folders with the intial run, none of
them seem to contain the 'empty.png' icon, or any of the other icons that are
supposed to replace that one when the website is used.

Does anybody know of a way to grab the appropriate pictures so this displays
properly? Everything else is working amazingly and that seems to be the one
remaining step to have this site fully-functional offline.

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'Dynamic' Pictures Not Downloading

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