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Subject: Downloaded files got renamed
Author: Smiling Spectre
Date: 06/01/2014 23:01

I am trying to grab some directories from Unfortunately, no
program to date was able to do that. Most of them use MIME for files, and
other horrible HTML-renames. I had most hopes for Free Download Manager, but
it failed to grab files without extensions. :/

Ok, at last I decided to give second chance to HTTrack. And succeded
initially! I was able to defeat renaming and omissed files, and had high hopes
for it already... before I stumbled at this link:


I cannot grab it properly. It have names like "1PSCREEN.~CR" or "BUSHCRUS.~AD"
that got renamed to "1PSCREEN._CR" or "BUSHCRUS._AD" respectively, regardless
of my settings.

It was only second dir that I tried to download from there, so I suspect, I
will similar errors here and there, and as I don't intend to test every file
(as I did here), I am screwed. :/ So question is: how to avoid _any_ such
Thank you.

Sincerely yours, Oleg Vladimirovych Bobryshev.

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Downloaded files got renamed

06/01/2014 23:01


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