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Subject: Local conversion with httrack - speed
Author: Localhost
Date: 06/05/2014 01:18
Here is the scheme: .warc archive on hdd -> warc-proxy/localhost interface ->

I've been trying to make a local 122gb mirror for a week now, but annoying
speed limitations in both 3.33 and 3.48 drive me crazy. In the latter you
CANNOT disable this idiotic lock with the flag as advertised, nothing helps: I
tried putting it in a console, url and scan rules fields, shortcut target -
nothing changes. I'm so mad, I can't convert 122gb with measly 200-300 kbit.
Httrack cant't even convert the archive completely, it thinks the job done,
but actually acquires only 4-5gb. Although that's a different issue.

In 3.33 there are, apparently, no "limits" so playing with --max-rate, number
of connection, connections per second can give me a couple of megabits at

I can get the archive converted to html with cygwin's wget v15-1 in a day, the
speed is insane, it fully utilizes my hdd, but the dumb thing apparently can't
handle the mirror size and won't start link conversion afterwards.

This is so ironic: i don't need any advanced functions the program has, but do
need the basic thing it doesn't - speed. I need megabytes of speed, not
"unlocked" megabits. Put any number of zeroes after -A/--max--rate and nothing

The program is really not optimized for local environment it seems, is that

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