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Subject: Help! Wrong parsing of some file types.
Author: Smiling Spectre
Date: 06/12/2014 21:41

Just when I was convinced that HTTrack can solve all my problems, it make some
strange thing again.

I am trying to download this dir:

And there are two problems with it.

One is cosmetic. System tries to scan every SVG-file here. And fail with this

23:31:18 Warning:  File not parsed, looks like binary:
23:31:18 Warning:  Warning: store application/octet-stream without scan:

It's nothing bad, except extra .readme file, that easily can be tracked and

But unfortunately, there is more than that in such scanning. HTTrack
_successfully_ scanned only one of this file - And then
replaced all 00H codes inside with 20H. Everything else is the same, but file
is ruined, of course. :( Otherwise, it's still the same binary as every other
SVG here.

Is there any way to disable this smart scans, please? :(

Sincerely yours, Oleg Vladimirovych Bobryshev.

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Help! Wrong parsing of some file types.

06/12/2014 21:41
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