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Subject: Existing Files : Annoying behaveour
Author: Walter
Date: 06/17/2014 10:35
Why doesn't WinHTTrack take into consideration existing files with the correct
name/size at the correct location, also when the cache files are removed to
create a fresh cache ?
This is very annoying. I have a site which, due to its volume (some html pages
but a lot of MP3) never gets to the end in one download, and the cache
sometimes gets disturbed. The result is every time a re-download of all MP3,
even if they are available and ok.

And when the cache is cleared, existing MP3-files are re-downloaded as
name.html.tmp instead of name.mp3. When finished their name is name.html with
the exact content of the MP3-file

I have been downloading that site a dozen times, without being able to get to
the end

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Existing Files : Annoying behaveour

06/17/2014 10:35


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