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Subject: Unexpected unpack of *.tgz
Author: Smiling Spectre
Date: 06/21/2014 22:52

Recently I tried to use HTTrack, and stumbled into another unexpected issue.

When I am getting any *.tgz, I can see "shell" of tgz, inside of that
something (*.tar usually) exist. And real content is inside this *.tar.

But it's when I am getting it with download manager, different of HTTrack.

In HTTrack it's somewhat different. It takes tgz from site, unpacks it, but
keeps external *.tgz extension! I was very puzzled when I seen 100kb file that
somehow became 900kb after download. And only when I checked it against the
same file, downloaded thru Free Download Manager, I discovered that HTTRack
unpacks such files.

See yourself. It's random directory with tgz, that I downloaded recently:


It have Phrak51.tgz and Phrak52.tgz that contains *.tar inside initially. And
exactly this *.tar I see after presumably downloaded .tgz with HTTrack - only
it named .tgz now.

Also, could you answer something about my last question here, please?

Sincerely yours, Oleg Vladimirovych Bobryshev.

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Unexpected unpack of *.tgz

06/21/2014 22:52
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