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Subject: HTTrack only retrieving a limited number of pages
Author: Garrett Lynch
Date: 06/24/2014 23:23

I'm trying to use HTTrack on OSX through Vine to download a reference website,
a dictionary essentially, for offline reference in some academic research
(i.e. non-profit etc.).  I've got it working without any problems and it seems
to download the site but not all of it.

The site seems to have about 3807 pages and I get less than 83.  The pages
that download all seem to work, the site uses an aspx query structure like

which HTTrack maps to html pages like so:

So that part is working.  What could ause it to stop after a certain number of
pages?  Is there a log somewhere that might give me a clue?  If this is
something site side (robots.txt perhaps) to stop excessive retrieval of pages
is there a way to run HTTrack several times and only retrieve pages it has not
retrieved before?
Any suggestions much appreciated.


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HTTrack only retrieving a limited number of pages

06/24/2014 23:23


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