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Subject: Excluding links very similar with current url.
Author: Hans
Date: 06/25/2014 10:39
Before I start, I'm bad at writing english. sorry about it.

As I mentioned on subject, I want to exclude some links which are very similar
url with current url. But current url is should be included.

For example,
Current url{should be included}:
Other links from current url(should be excluded):

Problem is, even if I mentioned current url's post_id as "0001", it can be
various. so I can't make a rule like below or I can only use this for
"post_id=0001" which is useless.

If I try to make "post_id" to has various value, then "other links from
current url" which should be excluded will also included. Useless again.

I read manuals from this homepage but no clue for me. Please help.

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Excluding links very similar with current url.

06/25/2014 10:39


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