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Subject: Mirror a SMF Forum w/o Admin
Author: concernedmod
Date: 06/26/2014 17:27
Hello, I'm part of a private forum which admin has dissapeared some weeks
before and we are concerned that all of our work in the last 5 years will
dissapear from one day to another, we don't now if he's alive or on vacations,
he doesn't answer mails or anything.

I'm a moderator I tried to copy the site but I couldn't login, I've seen the
correct method now on your page but what's stoping me now from doing it is
that, as a moderator I can delete every topic and message in the forum and I
don't want this to happen, i've thought about using Disallow *action=* or
anything like that but I don't know if this will work see thread
<> for more
info, this list are the default actions, but as a mod I have some more like
delete message, delete topic, move topic, an so on.

What can we do? please

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