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Subject: shtml support?
Author: Floatboat Chen
Date: 09/26/2002 08:54
I want to mirror website name, ask httrack 
get all the html and non-html files, with the follow 

httrack -O /tmp/wwwroot -r2 -m5000000 -
X0KR5s0nqDQBE3600 -%U nobody > /tmp/log 2>&1 &

when I check the mirrored files, the shtml url is error, 
like this: 0381682.shtml, in the index file is:
<a href="0381682.shtml">fjdkalfs</a>
but in the disk, the file name is:
I don't is that the K flag make this trouble.
Is that any other falg can make the mirror action correct
thanks in advance

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09/26/2002 08:54
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