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Subject: Download Tumblr Dashboard
Author: Mike
Date: 07/04/2014 21:19
While I can download individual Tumblrs no problem, I'm curious how could I
download the images/posts/whatever that appear on my dashboard.  I've tried
using the redirect link that you get when you try to go to, filling in my email and password but I get errors:

15:13:35 Error:  "Unable to get server's address: No such host is known. "
(-5) after 12 retries at link primary/robots.txt (from primary/primary)
15:13:35 Warning:  Retry after error -5 (Unable to get server's address: No
such host is known. ) at link
(from primary/primary)

I'm not sure what settings, if there are any, that I would need to change to
make it go through properly.  Unless the program simply can't do this sort of
task, but it certainly seems like it's something I'm not doing (right).

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