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Subject: how to list files only
Author: Terry Morgan
Date: 07/12/2014 01:02
I don't want a whole website copied, I just need to 
see what files are there, this is from 2002, making a
shortcut with --spider, no work, don't see any options either.

Well, you can use the spider option (--spider, or in 
Options/Experts Only: "store html files only") and activate 
Options/Links/Test validity of all links. This will crawl 
the website and check all links. To get the list, look at 
the hts-cache/new.lst file. The current beta release (3.20-
b6) will also include a new.txt files which will be much 
more complete (mime type, scan result, and so on..)

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07/12/2014 01:02


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