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Subject: aspx query mirror & filenames
Author: Frank G
Date: 07/13/2014 19:21
Hi there -

Every day new pdf documents are released on a particular site, which I have
been archiving. I have a round-about workaround that involves some php scripts
to get a list of sometimes hundreds of links every day that look like this:


Each of these aspx queries or whatever they are called brings up a web page
with links to the pdfs that I archive. I save this list of aspx query links to
a txt file, which I then use in HTTrack which does a fantastic job of saving
all of the documents. HOWEVER, as happy as I am that all of this works, the
pdf file names are really unhelpful and make searching a pain. What would make
it perfect is to be able to prepend the 'AppNumber' to the saved file name.

Is there a way to get HTTrack to do this?

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07/13/2014 19:21


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