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Subject: mirror without outside dependencies?
Author: T. Bug Reporter
Date: 07/17/2014 21:53
Is there any way to get WinHTTrack to not download the example.gif file, but to
rewrite the other mirrored files to refer to the nonexistent local copy of
example.gif anyway, despite it not existing locally, so that when I attempt to
view the mirrored website my browser doesn't attempt to download example.gif
on its own (or rather, can't succeed at it)?
Or, more generally, is there a way to use WinHTTrack to create a completely
local mirror that has *NO* (valid) outside dependencies, and so can be viewed
in a browser with *NO* chance of the browser feeling the need to fetch
additional files from the Internet?

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mirror without outside dependencies?

07/17/2014 21:53


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