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Subject: Excluding webpages
Author: Gary
Date: 07/28/2014 06:00
I am new to HTTTrack, so my apologies if I am asking a very stupid question. 
I would like to copy a portion of a website, not the entire site. 

Although the site I am trying to copy is quite complex, I hope I can explain
my question by referring to a 

fictitious site ( 

Let's say the site is comprised of the following sections: 
(1) Home   
(2) About  
(3) Products
(4) Services
(5) Contact

Let's say I am only interested in the Products section. 
How do I avoid downloading the entire site? 

I've already tried testing this on a simple site like XYZ. 

In the WebAddress (URL) box I entered
However the entire site was downloaded. 

Initially suspected that the reason for this is that at the bottom of the
Product page there are links to other 

pages on the site (Home, About Services, Contact) and once HTTrack is
redirected to the homepage it will end up 

downloading the entire site. 

Then I added the Home, About Services, Contact pages to the exclusion list (in
ScanRules) as follows:

But to no avail. The program still downloaded the entire site. 

So the question is how keep the HTTrack away from the other pages? 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


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