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Subject: Only Main Page Downloads
Author: Craig
Date: 08/11/2014 22:51
I have a corporate Wordpress site behind a VPN that I'm trying to mirror and
access from an Android tablet.  I have been able to access the main page from
the tablet browser by typing the full URL i.e. and HTTrack
is able to download that main page from the site.  However, it does not appear
to be able to access any of the linked subpages from that main page.  Checking
the log I get numerous errors saying the same thing:  

Warning: Retry after error -5(Unable to get server's address: No address
associated with hostname) at link mysite/wp-content/plugins...(from

I have tried playing around with filters, but can't seem to figure it out. 
The problem is that the site's link does not use the "" part of the
URL, but HTTrack needs to add that when chasing the link.  

I'm still searching the forum for a similar issue, but any help would be
greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

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08/11/2014 22:51


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