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Subject: Download online powerpoint presentation broadcast?
Author: argotera
Date: 08/23/2014 01:16
Hi, I have installed Httrack.  I d like to extract a powerpoint presentation
from a site. 

To be more specific, it's a lecture from my university. They have uploaded an
Powerpoint presentation broadcast  (needs IE and compatibility view.  It is a
standard powerpoint presentation along with a video and sound of the recorded
lecture playing in a small windows media player box besides the main
presentation box in the webpage.
Id like to extract the pps or ppt file of the presentation. Can you help with
I tried using httrack and fiddling a bit with the settings but I could not do
it. The downloaded webpage files in C:/My web sites are a few kb, not
containing any pps file.

One example of such a presentation:  (it needs IE and compatibility view)


Here is the index page containing links to these presentations:


(just open on of the "A" "B"s next to the titles)


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Download online powerpoint presentation broadcast?

08/23/2014 01:16


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