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Subject: Moving "My Web Sites" folder
Author: Proton
Date: 08/25/2014 01:12
I'd like to move the C:\My Web Sites folder to a different location.

I can simply move the directory, and since mirrored sites use relative links,
pages would still work, and so would the local project index.

However, the "Browse Websites" option would no longer work, and possibly some
other things within the program.

Btw, may I suggest the default location for C:\My Web Sites be changed to My
Documents\My Web Sites. User data really doesn't belong in C:\

Move the directory, open WinHTTrack and then navigate to the new location and
open one of the .whtt files. WHTT seems to recorrect the base project location
and "Browse websites" works.

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Moving "My Web Sites" folder

08/25/2014 01:12


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