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Subject: Grabbing my private fb-profile
Author: Mr Leftover
Date: 08/25/2014 02:18
Dear all,

*emotional part*: my girl and I just broke up and I'd like to keep some
memories alive by saving "our" pictures, chats n stuff for
offline-commemoration. After that I'd gladly delete my fb-account.

*objective part*: I did not succeed in ANY of the ways (which I found in this
forum) to save my personal fb-data. So, I'd be glad if there was some person
who could provide me with a noobproof step-by-step "cooking recipe" for
successful mirroring.
I think this might be helpful for others as well.

I'm using the latest version of HTTrack on Windows 7 and Firefox29. And, of
course, I know my fb-login data (email + password).

Thank you!  

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Grabbing my private fb-profile

08/25/2014 02:18


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