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Subject: Trying your software
Author: saxon
Date: 09/01/2014 10:18
I'm trying for the first time your software and seems to work fine once you
get used to add the rules you need.

Anyway, i'm trying to download all images (as a backup) from my Fotolog page.

I know that it's not the same to download by HTT from
than downloading from  the server file.
The fact is that i have found the relationship between Fotolog server images
which is as follows:


Where 'nn' is a user-related number (all images from the user have the same
'nn' numbers, and the 'ii' is the unique image name (such as 156342347_f.jpg,
the ones i want to download).

I do believe that, in this html rute, there are only the user images, not any
adverts nor small images.

So, knowing all of that, how do I have to add rules and start the project to
download all images following this:

Thanks for reading.

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