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Subject: Downloading halts, won't complete
Author: John Thiesen
Date: 09/24/2014 18:57
I've experimented with httrack several times over the past few years, with very
limited success.

I'm trying to download a largeish institutional site, I'm
running on an old surplus laptop with Windows Vista (although I've also tried
it under other Windows versions). The download seems to run OK for several
hours and then it just stops downloading. I don't understand why. Is it
possible that the site is blocking me after several hours with some kind of
bandwidth manager?
I've had several other problems: httrack won't create any log files, and it
can't seem to stay on the specified domain but goes out to other
linked pages even though I told it not to.

But maybe if I could solve the lack-of-completion problem, then the other
problems would go away.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Downloading halts, won't complete

09/24/2014 18:57


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