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Subject: Ai files are renamed to ps
Author: William d.
Date: 10/09/2014 21:47
So I am copying some files from a website that did some of our graphic work.
There are only graphic files with the extensions: .jpg .ai .pdf .eps .tif
.tiff .jpeg

So for the most part Httrack works in copying the files and directory
structure fine except its renaming the extensions from .ai and .eps files to
I do not want this.

So when it does its copy I want it to retain the original file name AND

Yes I wish they would have just zipped the the files and put one file up
instead of the way they did it. They chose not to put it on a FTP either. So I
am restricted to downloading the files via the website individually.  And I
don't really want to it manually. 

So can HTTrack leave the extensions alone and just do a "dumb" copy from

Is there another program anyone knows about that might work better? I am open
to suggestions.

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Ai files are renamed to ps

10/09/2014 21:47
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