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Subject: command line version of "File >> Save page as"
Author: r0n
Date: 10/11/2014 22:13
Is it possible to simulate the following in command-line: "File >> Save page
as" action (Firefox). Most browsers support this kind of saving, and it saves
the current page.

For example, I am on page http:\\www.test\abc.htm, if I go to 'File' and then
'Save page as', the page will be saved as:
- FOLDER: abc_files
- FILE: abc.htm

All resources (images, css,...) in 'abc.htm' are saved in FOLDER 'abc_files'.

Is there a way to simulate this in httrack using command-line?(I need the
command line syntax that simulates this as close as possible).

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command line version of "File >> Save page as"

10/11/2014 22:13


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