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Subject: Re: Deleting incomplete files
Author: vyang
Date: 10/01/2002 03:23
> Downloaded pics are complete on my browser, but not when
> HTTrack captures them. Isn't there some easier way to 
> just that pic than to try and find it in My Web Sites?> Likewise, deleting
all jpg's would be overkill, as most of
> them are complete. When I'm browsing the site from 
> right
> clicking on the incomplete pic does not give me the option
> of deleting it, just viewing the image, saving it, or
> copying the location.

Just in case you could not get an answer, you can save this 
file to a special location say c:\temp\badimages.
Assume your captured site is c:\mywebsites\

Then after you are down, you can use this command to do a 
batch delete:
c:\temp\badimages>for %i in (*.*) do del c:\mywebsites\%
i /s 
You might use /q or /f to force delete without typing 

And this solution will delete all files using same name, 
for example, bullet1.gif might delete all the files using 
this name.
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