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Subject: Security limits set in stone?
Author: Purple
Date: 11/19/2014 13:45
Hello Xavier and all,

What has happened to the security limits flag and limits and flow
Right now the security limits are still applied even when they are disabled by
the user and other ranges specified. 

I am an old(er) user of HTTrack which I used in 2003 and where I spoke to
Xavier about authoring a how to guide on how to archive dynamic sites such as
web forums, with a view to then doing the social graphs. 

So, having recently come back to HTTrack I've noticed that the functionality
to specify limits and flow ranges outside of the 'security limits' scope,
seems to have been removed.

I've searched the forums and many seem to also experience this lack of
functionality despite configuring HTTrack correctly. Xavier, has this
functionality been removed or is it a bug?

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Security limits set in stone?

11/19/2014 13:45


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