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Subject: I can;t resolve one issue when downloading a site
Author: Alex
Date: 11/22/2014 00:15
Good day.

Could you please help me out..

I need to download this guide so that I can have it on my hdd.


I am a registered user so I have a login\password.

Once you log in to your account the guide becomes fully unlocked.

I used cookies.txt t login via httrack and I tried downloading this guide.
httrack seemed to have
downloaded it (~800Mb)When I opened it at first everything seemed fine.
However when I clicked to open a certain page I saw this sign
<> rotating (you can see it briefly when watching
unlocked guide's pages. It means it is loading the contents of the page.So it
rotates and doesn't go away.

What needs to be done so that httrack would save it properly.

You can try to download the guide yourself. There are pages that are not
locked for unregistered users.

Thank you in advance

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I can;t resolve one issue when downloading a site

11/22/2014 00:15


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