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Subject: TMP files (windows 7 64-bit ) .. please help!
Author: RXRO
Date: 11/25/2014 23:27

i read all the posts about the tmp files and i tried them all .. none of them
worked .. or maybe i used them the wrong way ... i am on windows 7 as i

my laptop is up all night for 2 days in a raw to download a website and it end
up with error saying ( request >100,000 )

i have tons of files now .. only 7-10% of them are html .. the rest are tmp
... when i closed the program to think of ways to deal with the 8gb tmp files
... all of them are gone , the program have deleted them ...

so i did a smart move and recovered them into E: directory ( toke about 120
mins to recover them )  ... now i want to finish downloading those files
before i continue fishing for a new files on the same domain 

how to do that ?-----------------------------------

please make it clear step by step ( i am egyptian my english is not v.good )

youtube link if its possible

**i read in one of the solutions to install GCC .. and i did install it for
windows but i didn't work for me .. the installation video is pretty old **

please replay as soon as possible 

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TMP files (windows 7 64-bit ) .. please help!

11/25/2014 23:27
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11/25/2014 23:54


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