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Subject: Copy off 900+ posts hosted site
Author: Suzanne
Date: 04/02/2015 10:48
-I've had my site for 5 years, 900 posts, with the original domain
with 2 added URLs pointing at it.
-To make "one email to access everything" Google inverted my main yahoo email,
with secondary gmail as the access, and I don't have that password, thus
locked into a HELL of no live help, and the same constant mesg when I don't
have the password for their now #1 slot Gmail. And the yahoo account I've used
to sign-in for 5+years they 'don't recognize' as being associated with my
site.  Now I want to move everything off Google and download my entire site
and host it elsewhere. I could import it to WP if I could sign in, which I

-Do I use any of the URL's associated with the site? Or the original?
-Is there a recommendation of a new host that makes it easier to upload--i.e.
most simpatico with blogspot format and HTLM?
I post mainly on France and have a tremendous amount of time invested in this
site in research of topics, image searches,...all free. So all of that feels
lost now...depressing. 

Thanks very much for help/advice.

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Copy off 900+ posts hosted site

04/02/2015 10:48


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