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Subject: Re: mirroring problem
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 06/06/2001 18:02
> 1. I tried mirroring a site which have asp and jsp 
> files but these files were not copied to the 
> site. Can you help me to solve this problem

The asp and jsp files might be renamed into .html or 
other type, depending on the MIME type - that might be 
the problem here (disable type checking to avoid that, 
but this will cause troubles with offline viewing)
Ensure that you defined proper filter, too (for 
example*), if the jsp/asp files 
are located outside the primary folder, or outside the 
domain itself.

> 2. I need to completely mirror a site so as it 
> give me all files as it is.

Disable type checking, set footer-string to "(none") 
(see in options), it should be okay

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