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Subject: Re: How to mirror multiple pdf pages.
Author: Christian
Date: 04/21/2015 07:10
Hi Radek.

That is actually very easy. :) Here are some Rules to get you started on
getting all .PDFs (assuming that is all you want and you do not want all the
actual pages??)

Sample Rules:

+*.pdf    --> this Rule gets all PDFs (files ending in .pdf) within a page,
but you may need more Rules, if you wan actual pages.

Ok, I just ran a quick test for you on that Dodge page (which I will delete, I
am not interested in these, lol). 

So during my quick test, I downloaded more files, which were part of the Dodge
page. For example: <>

So it will get a lot of PDFs you may not want, but you can manually go to
folder and delete those PDFs you do not want. Also, the page will be a bunch
of folders and may not have all the images and actual website pages you see
when clicking on links that lead you to PDF page. Make sense??
Just the Rule on +*.PDF seemed to have worked. I put "Maximum mirroring depth"
to 1000 and "Maximum external depth" to 0 to prevent copying millions of PDFs
all over the Internet. Also checkmark "no external pages" under (Build tab).

Did it work for you? Give it a try and if you need more pre-made Rules, check
out my little forum page on that:

Let me know if I can help you further. 

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