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Subject: webhttrack not starting
Author: zenwort
Date: 05/03/2015 17:04
Installed is httrack-3.48.21.

On a freshly set up Suse 64bit system, with firefox 37 as standard browser
trying to start webhttrack on the console I get:
hashtable "NewLangStr" summary: size=1024 (lg2=10) used=474 stash-size=0
pool-size=4405 pool-capacity=8192 pool-used=4405 writes=474 (new=474)
moved=244 stashed=1 max-stash-size=1 avg-moved=0.514768 rehash=6
pool-compact=0 pool-realloc=6 memory=33392
hashtable "NewLangStrKeys" summary: size=1024 (lg2=10) used=503 stash-size=0
pool-size=17155 pool-capacity=32768 pool-used=17155 writes=503 (new=503)
moved=237 stashed=2 max-stash-size=1 avg-moved=0.471173 rehash=6
pool-compact=0 pool-realloc=8 memory=57968
/usr/bin/webhttrack(29552): launching /usr/lib64//mozilla
/usr/bin/webhttrack: Zeile 80: /usr/lib64//mozilla: Ist ein Verzeichnis  [is a
/usr/bin/webhttrack(29552): spawning browser..
/usr/bin/webhttrack: Zeile 82: /usr/lib64//mozilla: Ist ein Verzeichnis
/usr/bin/webhttrack(29552): waiting for browser to terminate..
Nothing else happening until killed using strng-C.

The double // really is in the error message.

The complaint "is a directory" is of course correct as firefox (and binaries)
is in separate a separate directory: /usr/lib64/firefox/ whereas
/usr/lib64/mozilla/ only contains a folder extensions.

Linking the firefox into the ozilla dir does not solve the problem.

The command line version of htttack works fine.

Any suggestions?
PS: The search function for this forum returns alasy a 404 error fromm google
"/ces" not found. 

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