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Subject: Some pages load forever
Author: Jake
Date: 05/17/2015 01:30
I was recommended this awesome program for offlie browsing and it works for the
most part even I who has no knockeledof anything that is in options menu, was
able to mirror various websites, but right now im trying to mirror
<> and it just doesnt work the way I expect

When Httrack crawls through a chapter it just saves the first page r cover or
anything that IS SEEN FIRST, the rest of the pages arent saved and when I try
to access them it just shows the loading message of said site, but it never
loads, so my guessing is i dont even know what to say, I have no
idea where to began, I have to clue of what may be causing this, all I know is
that once i save any chapter, the URL has a hashbang at the end of the html,
something like this /somechapter.html#1 with the hashbang being the number of
the page, but it doesnt show up in thw URL until i click on the next page of
the chapter or the same page where i am, the hashbang pops up in the URL next
to the .html, could that be the problem? but anyway i would be eternally
gratefull if someone reply to this cause im desesperate for an answer, Thank

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Some pages load forever

05/17/2015 01:30


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