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Subject: Sub-Directory with directory browsing not mirrored
Author: Yash K
Date: 05/19/2015 08:31

My test website is located at <> which is a basic PHP
application. There is a folder: "/images/avatars/" that has directory browsing
enabled and contains 15 files.

I'm running the following command:
httrack -c8 -p1 -R5 -H3 -r9999 -%P -K -b1 -u2 -j1 -s2 --keep-alive -o0 --test
--include-query-string --footer "" --urlhack --mirror
<> --path test -'%H' -p3 --can-go-up-and-down
--stay-on-same-address --referer <>

On running the command, it does get "/images/avatars/test.txt" which is the
only file in the folder that is directly linked from the application. However,
it doesn't seem to query "/images/avatars/" and then in-turn spider the
directory browsing page that is shown.

Am I doing something wrong or does HTTrack not query base folders for their
index files?

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Sub-Directory with directory browsing not mirrored

05/19/2015 08:31


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