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Subject: Russian site - downloaded pages trashed
Author: Papoulka
Date: 05/27/2015 03:39
I have just downloaded and installed the latest version 3.48-21 of WinHTT.  I
have made no changes to any preferences and am taking all defaults.  The only
thing I did was enter the following URL to mirror:


This is a Russian-language website hosted by

The site downloads but there are many error messages regarding inability to
decompress.  When it finishes I can browse the home page fine using Chrome,
Firefox, or IE.  However, all sub-pages show as garbage (full of random
characters) in Chrome and Firefox. IE says they "can't be displayed".

I suppose the problem is the Russian language, but I know WinHTTrack has
supported Unicode for a long time AND I was in the past able to download this
site fine in WinHTTrack.

So - I think I must be missing something simple.  Can anyone help?

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Russian site - downloaded pages trashed

05/27/2015 03:39


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